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When you book your appointment you will receive an email confirmation with details of how to find us and where to go when you arrive for your appointment. You will also receive an email and text reminder the day before your appointment.

When you arrive at your first appointment you will be given forms to fill in. This ensures we have detailed information about your medical history and other relevant information.

In the appointment a thorough history of why you've come to see us and other relevant information will be taken. Your Physio will do a comprehensive physical assessment. You may be asked to remove your top and wear shorts so your Physio can accurately assess what your body is doing.

After the assessment your Physio will explain their findings and discuss a treatment plan. The majority of the time there is also time to start treatment in the initial assessment. If the history and assessment is complex there may occasionally not be time for treatment but your Physio will have a clear 'picture' of what is happening and how they can treat in the follow up appointment. It is important the assessment is completed and thorough for the treatment to be most effective.

We treat with a 'hands on' approach, looking at the body as a whole!

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Covid-19 | Physique Physio (Leeds)

Virtual First Approach

Based on the CSP’s guidance (our governing body) we will be following a VIRTUAL FIRST APPROACH for every patient who requests a face to face appointment. This means we will ring you when you make your appointment to discuss whether an online appointment could be helpful or if a face to face appointment is needed.

New Patients initial appointment will be an online appointment.

After each appointment, including a new patient initial appointment and follow ups it will be agreed between the patient and therapist whether future treatment appointments can be delivered online or if there’s a need for a face to face appointment.

Patient information

How will we work once you are attending a face to face appointment?

To prevent and control infection we have put some procedures in place:

1. When you arrive, the front door will be locked. Please ring the bell and your Physio will come open the door.

2. Please don’t arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment. We have added a 15 minutes gap between appointments to ensure your Physio is ready to take you straight into clinic on arrival.

3. If you have your own mask, please wear it before coming into studio. If not, you will be given a mask to put on when you come in and £1 will be added to the payment of your appointment.

4. Please sanitise your hands with the sanitiser provided at the entrance.

5. We will take your temperature once you have your mask on and have sanitised you’re hands. If this is above 37.9 your appointment will be cancelled at no charge. You will be able to rebook in >7 days or book online at any time.

6. Your Physio will take you upstairs into the clinic. All the doors will be open. Please try not to touch anything.

7. If you have personal belongings please put them in the box near your chair.

8. After your appointment, please pay by card only.

9. When leaving your Physio will open the doors for you and will accompany you downstairs.

10. Please sanitise your hands before leaving the studio.

*Please, do not wear jewellery.
*Please bring your own drink.
*Please bring your own shorts. We won’t be able to lend ours.

Thank you for your cooperation!!