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Cat Jones, Ultimate Frisbee
After two years of worsening back pain and conflicting advice from various health professionals I have finally found a team of physios who I have full confidence in. More »

Lucy Bronze, England Football Team
"Having suffered major surgery on my knee, Ruth really enhanced my recovery from the off. More »


When you book your appointment you will receive an email confirmation with details of how to find us and where to go when you arrive for your appointment. You will also receive an email and text reminder the day before your appointment.

When you arrive at your first appointment you will be given forms to fill in. This ensures we have detailed information about your medical history and other relevant information.

In the appointment a thorough history of why you've come to see us and other relevant information will be taken. Your Physio will do a comprehensive physical assessment. You may be asked to remove your top and wear shorts so your Physio can accurately assess what your body is doing.

After the assessment your Physio will explain their findings and discuss a treatment plan. The majority of the time there is also time to start treatment in the initial assessment. If the history and assessment is complex there may occasionally not be time for treatment but your Physio will have a clear 'picture' of what is happening and how they can treat in the follow up appointment. It is important the assessment is completed and thorough for the treatment to be most effective.

We treat with a 'hands on' approach, looking at the body as a whole!

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Sports Injuries | Physique Physio (Leeds)

Our Physio’s come from a wide range of sporting backgrounds, and have a wealth of experience in treating sports injuries. Collectively they have worked with Great British Boxing and Race Walking, UCCE, Yorkshire Jets, Elemental Kick Boxing and BMF/UK Outdoor Fitness Bootcampers, York City Foundation Girls Regional Talent Centre, Brighouse Town Ladies FC, York City Ladies FC, British international Rollerblade Hockey team and Yorkshire Carnegie Rugby club.

Specialist Netball Physio

Our lead Physiotherapist, Ruth Cockerill is an Ex England Netball National Player and therefore has a good understanding of the demands of the game and the level of rehabilitation required. She also has experience working with a variety of Great Britain squads and recreational athletes.


As well as treating typical sports injuries we specialise in treating:

  • Chronic/complex pain from multiple injuries and adaptations
  • Sport specific movement and strength optimisation
  • Whiplash associated disorders resulting from e.g. falls, collisions, impact
  • Osteitis pubis
  • Groin injuries
  • Rib and breathing dysfunctions
  • Back pain
  • Visceral mobilisations (organs)
  • Typical sports injuries we also treat include: sprains, strains, dislocations, back and neck pain, joint pain and stiffness, shin splints, hernia (Glimore's Groin), Sciatica, etc.
Physiotherapy assessment, treatment and rehabilitation

If you are injured or you're experiencing pain/symptoms or 'niggles' you may require treatment. During your appointment your Physiotherapist will complete a comprehensive assessment and treat your symptoms appropriately. We treat with a 'hands on' and holistic approach to optimise healing and improve the way you move as quickly as possible.

Our in depth knowledge, training and experience in elite sport means we can prescribe extremely effective rehabilitation exercises to restore strength, mobility and optimal function. Rehabilitating is very important to avoid recurrent injuries and compensations/adaptations in the future.

Physiotherapy MOT

If you feel you're not moving or functioning optimally or just want to be assessed you can book in for an 'MOT'. In an 'MOT' we assess for any alignment or movement dysfunctions and areas of restriction or weakness, then treat them and give you appropriate exercises which can be reviewed and progressed in follow up 'MOTs'.

An 'MOT' is perfect for people who participate in exercise regularly or have a stressful and demanding job. The frequency of an 'MOT' would depend on the individual. Our Physiotherapist will advise you how often they think you would benefit from one. This can be anything from once a week to once every three months.