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Team | Physique Physio (Leeds)

We are lucky to have a diverse team with different specialist areas and a mix of personalities to suit all our patients' needs.

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Ruth Cockerill - Managing Director & Physiotherapist
(Specialises in Sports Injuries and Pre & Post Natal)

Ruth Cockerill Physiotherapist LeedsRuth Cockerill qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2004 and pursued a career working in sports, treating a variety of sports people from Netball, Football, Rugby, Boxing, Running, Cycling, Race Walking, Cricket, Golf and Weight Lifting to name a few. She has developed extremely effective hands on skills and rehabilitation prescription to return people to normal function and their training as soon as possible.

As well as having experience in treating elite athletes within Great Britain Squads she enjoys treating recreational and non athletes and believes everyone deserves to be treated as important as the next.

Ruth is an Ex International athlete who represented the England Netball National Team and is currently representing the Yorkshire Jets. She is our Netball Specialist Physio, understanding the types of injuries that occur, demands of the game and level of rehabilitation required to return to the sport.

She is now a mother of a little boy and balances work, motherhood and Netball. Due to this she has developed an interest in pre and post natal conditions/treatment/recovery.

Ruth says "People always tell me your body will never be the same again after having a baby but I don't agree, you just need to know what you're doing and commit to treatment/exercises. It's hard work but it can be done!"

Anna Crowle - Physiotherapist, Clinical Massage Therapist & Pilates Instructor
(Specialises in Pre & Post Natal and Chronic Pain)

Anna Crowle - Physiotherapist, Clinical Masseur & Pilates Instructor LeedsAnna Crowle qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2004 and then took time out to have a family. On return she has trained in advance clinical and sports massage and myofascial release.

Having a family has developed an interest in ante and post natal Physiotherapy and she has recently undertaken specific ante and post natal treatment and exercise training.

Anna is passionate about her work and truly believes in the massive benefits you gain from myofascial release. Her techniques leave you feeling free and light.

Outside of work Anna has a large variety of interests including walking, indoor and outdoor swimming and has joined a synchronised swimming team. She volunteers for a number of causes such as victims of torture and asylum seekers in need.

Maria Elliot - Physiotherapist (Specialises in Women's Health)

Maria occasionally works as a visitor at Physique Physio. She is a freelance Women's' Health physiotherapist, Pilates teacher and Women's Health Consultant. She originally trained in Chronic Pelvic Pain Rehab in 2002 and has worked extensively in this area since then.

Maria has close links with leading world specialists in the USA and works closely with Medical Consultants and New Medicine Group practitioners to treat CPPS. She has always been passionate and energetic in her approach to recovery.

Maria graduated with First Class Honours in Physiotherapy from Trinity College, Dublin in 1986 and since then has practised Physiotherapy in Chicago, France and now in the UK. Maria's qualifications include membership of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Women's Health and an APPI Pilates instructor. Trained in France in Post Natal Rehabilitation she provides a very effective post natal recovery programme. Maria set up the Physiotherapy Continence Services at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, and also the post natal rehab programme.

Maria is highly trained in manual therapy for the abdominal and pelvic area. The basis of treatment involves myofascial trigger point release, connective tissue manipulation, lengthening of tight short structures in the pelvic area; abdominal massage to release the diaphragm; improve blood flow to the pelvis and release the pelvic floor.

Maria offers Pelvic Pain Coaching and combines advice on nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and breath work to aid full recovery. She believes in a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to diagnosis and treatment and works closely with the New Medicine Group team, as well as leading specialists in urology, gynaecology and pain management, to offer comprehensive psychological, health and pain support.

Maria is the director and founder of Simply Women's Health, a physiotherapy practise specialised in restoring physical and mental well being. She is always dedicated and energetic in her approach to her patient's recovery.

Katherine Bagley - Osteopath (specialises in Cranial Osteopathy)

Katherine Bagley Osteopath LeedsAfter 5 years working in the travel industry Katherine felt her calling lay elsewhere and set upon a path to a career change. Various family members had experienced positive results through Osteopathy and it initially got her interested in the profession.

She is fascinated by the holistic approach that osteopathy takes and how treatment is very much patient-centred. The origins of Osteopathy focus on this holistic nature and she feels the original teachings were very much ahead of their time.

Following University Katherine was awarded a graduate scholarship to further her interest in cranial osteopathy and she has integrated this into her working practice. She continues to expand her knowledge and most recently has attended a course to utilise kinesiotape in practice which can help to aid fluid drainage, support muscles in their healing or simply to act as a reminder when trying to improve postural issues.

She is also helping to pass on her knowledge and experience and has assisted in lecturing at Leeds Metropolitan University on the Masters in Osteopathy course.

Katherine has lived in Leeds since 1998 when she came initially to complete a Management Studies degree and fell in love with Yorkshire. Since this time she has travelled quite extensively and love both Yorkshire and the exotic alike!

Niki Sweeney - Physiotherapist
Ruth Berkoff - Massage Therapist

Ruth began massaging in 2007, training first in Swedish Massage, Anatomy and Physiology, and then re-training as a NO HANDS® Massage practitioner in 2009. She is passionate about providing a unique massage experience that is tailored to exactly what the client wants, whether that is deep, specific work, or a general full body treatment.

NO HANDS Massage uses the practitioner's body weight and gravity, with the contact point usually being the forearm (but sometimes the shoulder, leg, knee or elbow). This means you can receive a very deep massage, that is somehow soft at the same time.

Ruth is also a qualified yoga teacher (YTTC, Ireland, 2006) and spent a year at Circomedia Circus and Theatre school (Bristol, 2013), where she specialised in partner acrobatics and physical theatre. Her knowledge of how bodies work, and where they tend to suffer has come through training in acrobatics, through her own injuries, and through being the massage therapist of choice for her fellow circus and theatre trainees.

Ruth also runs, walks, cycles, teaches safe road cycling in schools, and enjoys green woodworking.