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Cat Jones, Ultimate Frisbee
After two years of worsening back pain and conflicting advice from various health professionals I have finally found a team of physios who I have full confidence in. More »

Lucy Bronze, England Football Team
"Having suffered major surgery on my knee, Ruth really enhanced my recovery from the off. More »


When you book your appointment you will receive an email confirmation with details of how to find us and where to go when you arrive for your appointment. You will also receive an email and text reminder the day before your appointment.

When you arrive at your first appointment you will be given forms to fill in. This ensures we have detailed information about your medical history and other relevant information.

In the appointment a thorough history of why you've come to see us and other relevant information will be taken. Your Physio will do a comprehensive physical assessment. You may be asked to remove your top and wear shorts so your Physio can accurately assess what your body is doing.

After the assessment your Physio will explain their findings and discuss a treatment plan. The majority of the time there is also time to start treatment in the initial assessment. If the history and assessment is complex there may occasionally not be time for treatment but your Physio will have a clear 'picture' of what is happening and how they can treat in the follow up appointment. It is important the assessment is completed and thorough for the treatment to be most effective.

We treat with a 'hands on' approach, looking at the body as a whole!

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Testimonials | Physique Physio (Leeds)

Cat Jones, Ultimate Frisbee

After two years of worsening back pain and conflicting advice from various health professionals I have finally found a team of physios who I have full confidence in.

Harriet and Ruth are in a cut above any physios I have come across in the area. They have taken the time to look at the bigger picture and not just treat my symptoms, but get to the bottom of their cause.

I rarely have to deal with back pain in my normal daily life now, and am looking forward to playing my sport again after continuing with the progressive rehab programme that they've advised.

I would recommend Harriet and Ruth to anyone - I just wish I'd discovered them sooner!

Zoe Barnett, Deputy Head Teacher & Dancer

Ruth's sessions have completely restored my faith in Physiotherapy treatments. Four years ago I was training for a half marathon, when I suffered from 'Illiotibial band syndrome' (stemmed from a back injury from a car crash some years previous).

Prior to discovering Ruth; I spent a lot of time and money over the course of years, seeing various physiotherapists in an attempt to overcome my injury. However, as soon as I started training, the symptoms returned.

That was until I found Ruth. Refreshingly, Ruth was different. Where as all previous physio's had spent time treating the symptoms, Ruth dedicated the time in the sessions looking for the cause.

She left no stone unturned as she prodded, poked, twisted, pushed and pulled my body back into the correct alignment.

As a keen dancer, my health and fitness is important to me. I still get the occasional niggles, but now I know I can trust Ruth to quickly get my body back into good working order. I have and will continue to recommend Ruth and her physio's.

Lucy Bronze, England Football Team

"Having suffered major surgery on my knee, Ruth really enhanced my recovery from the off. I gained a lot of confidence throughout her rehab, and was really encouraged and pushed from the very beginning. She put a lot of hard work into giving me a sound quality recovery programme, the process was a long one but her work paid off, and I couldn't have asked for more."

Jim Davison, Great Britain Development Head Coach, British Amateur Boxing Association

Ruth Cockerill has enhanced the Great Britain Olympic Boxing Teams development programme with her input as part-time physiotherapist. She has accompanied the team to the Brandenburg Cup in Frankfurt Oder, Germany and now travels to Szczecin, Poland for the European Men's Youth Championships, which take place from the 14th to the 23rd august. She also covers regularly at development squads at the English Institute of Sport Sheffield, gaining invaluable and specific boxing experience.

Paul Walmsley, Great Britain Olympic Squad Coach

Ruth is a first rate physiotherapist, with whom I have had the pleasure of working with at GB training camps and at international competition. She is a very likeable, cooperative, and thoroughly professional physiotherapist.

Heather Meek - cyclist

"Just had to tell you, I cycled to York and back yesterday, (60 miles) and I was TOTALLY back pain free!! I have never experienced a bike ride without pain. Thank you, thank you thank you :-)

I started the new glut exercises after seeing you on Wednesday and this instantly transferred to the bike yesterday. I was aware I had tight gluts and I wasn't even clenching them!! I also kept a check on my head position, keeping it back into the neck as per the exercise and hey presto I rode with gusto, a new found energy, and all my effort pedalling (oh yes, both legs working too!) translated into the bike being propelled forward. I realise I have cycled with my back instead of legs and gluts all these years, if that makes sense. It was the first time on my road bike too, which I now know is too big for me and was somewhat anxious, but had a glorious ride :-)
I even noticed in my shadow that my upper body was rotating opposing to my leg down stoke on the bike, as per the exercise I've been doing lying on the floor, hip extension and shoulder rotating backwards and visa versa.

My sincere thanks once again - you really cannot know what it means to be pain free in my lower back. I feel like a new woman. I'd got to the point having lost a lot of power on the bike that I'd started to think as I'm 50 next year maybe I'd reached the point where my muscle mass and strength were starting to decline and I would just have to accept I wasn't going to be as fast on the bike as I used to be. Age was finally catching up on me. Not so, as yesterday proved."

Scott Walsh - Yorkshire Amateurs Football Club

"Ruth has a different approach. It's a more holistic one. She looks at the causes of the injury and treats that. I went with a groin strain and she found it was the nerve that was the problem and not my groin and got me fit again in no time."

Robin Walford, Psychotherapist (owns practice):

'Having experienced chronic back pain over many years it was with dubiousness that I asked Ruth for physiotherapy. Within two treatments there was significant improvement and my back has continued in a better state. Ruth did a great job!

Patrick Daniels, Regional Trading Law Manager, Tesco

"I have made use of physiotherapy regularly during 28 my years of Military service, but none have come close to Ruth for results. She applies techniques that she has developed for elite athletes to non-athletes (like myself!).

Her ability to diagnose musculoskeletal issues and provide immediate corrective therapy, is quite simply amazing. Having lived with lower back pain for years I was expecting limited results and I was amazed at the difference Ruth made in only three sessions. It was bordering on a life changing experience. I will stick with her in the future. Thanks Ruth."

Nina Morton-Brook, Co-owner, The Magnet Club

"Ruth was able to fix what had been quite a long-standing problem for me in just two visits. Having had physio in the past elsewhere, this surprised and impressed me. She is clearly very talented in her profession, and I have no hesitation in recommending her."

Simon Panesar, Sales Director, Frownies

Just a note to say how valuable I found your services at Physique Physiotherapy. Since enrolling our staff to your practice, I have noticed much improvement in morale and well-being of our team members.

The quick access to your professional services and attention thereafter has prevented prolonged absences from employment and created a happier workplace atmosphere with improved morale. We are delighted with the progress made here and will continue to use your services.

Mike Scrivens

Niggling injuries, and aches and pains have often stopped me progressing in fitness and strength training. So I was looking for someone who really knew her/his stuff, and could fix things as they arose. I found Ruth and now see her for regular "MOT" physio. She's professional and knows the science, but flexible and hands-on. She won't let you go (literally) until it's sorted. Also, Ruth's the only person I know who can put you through hell, while somehow distracting you enough to make you forget! I couldn't ask much more. Thoroughly recommended.

Michael, aged 47

I originally came to see Ruth as I was having mid-back ache (from a long term injury). During the initial consultation, Ruth read my details and noticed that I had in the last year undergone surgery for a groin hernia. I didn't think that physio could help with my sluggish recovery, but Ruth suggested we give it a go - I would be surprised!

I was started on a course of treatment that alleviated the sporadic aches and pains, enabled free movement and also in turn this has considerably eased my back ache.

The 'hands-on' approach is certainly not pleasant to say the least (no pain, no gain!!!), but the results are definately worth the suffering, - six months ago I struggled to vac-up, the other Saturday I was on the running track doing 400metres!

I would therefore fully recommend Ruth (I had a 50 mile round trip for my physio sessions), not only is she very good at her job, but she is a very professional, focused person who is most of all warm and friendly aswell.

Phil Race

Treatments have given me freedom of movement not enjoyed for years. Ruth seeks out the source of pain, gives you pain but the results are fantastic!

Norris Stewart

I have been training for sports for over 30 years and never had a serious injury. Until one day while attempting to get off 'my bed' I heard something click. Doctors helped with the pain but didn't sort the problem out, until I visited Ruth. Six weeks later and a lot of chatting (Ruth's way of taking my mind of the pain during treatment), my back was as good as new. The rehab
work was spot on in fact I still use a lot of exercises in the gym and at home with good effect. Thanks Ruth for your friendly service and I would definitely use your services again.